Fall is a wonderful time

Nov 24, 2020
Fall is a wonderful time — if your home is ready for it. So enjoy the last few weeks of warmer weather, but do a little preventative maintenance while you’re at it. You’ll fix small problems before they become big, and big ones before they become cat…

Needing to save money for the holidays?

Nov 14, 2020
Needing to save money for the holidays? Give us a call  We can help you save money  We have over 13+ different companies we can quote you from. We shop the rate , so you don’t have to!!

Don't fall behind on gutter cleaning

Jan 01, 0001
While spring is a common time for many homeowners to spend some extra attention on upkeep and maintenance, autumn is just as critical a season for preparing your home to withstand the potentially harsh winter weather and temperature conditions that m…

Summer is almost over

Sep 02, 2021
The end of summer is getting close and if you are like me you're looking forward to cooler weather and fall activities.   The kids are back to school, football games and many other thoughts of a new season.  I hope you and your family enjoyed the sum…

Whos tree is it

Sep 02, 2021
Second only to the question of the sound of a tree falling in a forest is who’s on the hook when a tree falls across a property line. But the answer is fairly straightforward, at least from an insurance perspective. If your neighbor’s property is da…

Motorcycle Riding at Night

Sep 14, 2021
Most bikers have ridden at night. Sometimes you can’t avoid it, or maybe you just enjoy it! It can be pretty, with city lights or starry skies and the open road – but it can also be extremely dangerous. Night riding is not impossible, you just need t…